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Six Facts About Implants You Must Know

May 12th, 2022

Our teeth form a core part of who we are, as we tend to display them each day. This connection between our character and our dentition is why having to lose a tooth is generally not only a painful but upsetting experience as well. Unfortunately, the only feasible solutions for several years for tooth loss were dentures or bridges. While these options helped mask the disappearance, they were never perfect answers.

These flawed solutions are one of the core reasons several people hoping to bridge their smiles have quickly begun turning to dental implants. This option is one of the best forms of tooth replacement you can find, making it ideal for those hoping to put back their natural smile. However, a quick read about implants can make the procedure feel obscure or scary. So, to help ease you into the world of implants, here are six facts that you should know before getting them.

They are Durable

One of the core benefits of using implants over other tooth replacement forms is their durability. After successfully installing your implant, you can expect the titanium screw to remain in position for the rest of your life, provided you properly maintain it. This resilience also means there is little risk of cracking or breaking the abutment pieces, regardless of what you eat.

Unfortunately, your new teeth will not be entirely impenetrable. The porcelain crown will still be susceptible to damage, so you must remain cautious if you want to use it through its entire lifespan. Much like our regular teeth, dental implants can be worn down over time from activities such as continuous grinding, nail-biting, and gnawing on ice. Additionally, these crowns can also crack, break, or chip, which may mean an early crown replacement.

To ensure your crowns last for a considerable period, we suggest maintaining an effective and regular oral hygiene routine. This regimen should include brushing daily, using floss, and utilizing mouthwash. We also recommend visiting our practice regularly, as we will be able to spot if you are ever off track and give appropriate advice.

Taking Care of Implants are a Breeze Compared to Other Solutions

Most people have had to deal with a cavity or tooth decay before. This rot can be extremely painful, giving us sharp headaches and making it difficult to eat. Fortunately, cavities are a thing of the past with this device, mainly because of how we produce them. In most cases, the manufacturers of dental implants craft them from titanium, as it can create an enduring fixture with our bones.

Titanium is also a tremendously durable metal. This robustness means that the bacteria responsible for decay and cavities become ineffective and cannot affect any of your implants. However, you must remain cautious against gum disease while having them. If your gums become infected, your implants may get loose and fall away. Unfortunately, once this failure occurs, you may have no choice but to reinstall the entire device.

Protects Against Bone Loss

In addition to being robbed of our smile, losing a tooth may also change our bone structure. When a tooth is lost, the bone around that area begins to recede. In some cases, you may lose up to 25% of the surrounding bone within the first year, with the reduction continuing in subsequent years. The further this bone recedes, the more the shape of our mouth changes.

Over time, you may find that the mouth begins to look hollow or takes on a concave shape. This bone loss may also highlight any signs of aging by underlining wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and chin. Fortunately, dental implants help to guard against these changes through imitation. Remember, these devices act as natural replacements after losing a tooth, which means implants can also provide the strength and shape of your regular teeth. So, with this device in place, you should not experience any bone loss symptoms.

It is Much Easier to Speak with Implants in Place

Speaking with implants can often feel like a breeze compared to other tooth replacement options, such as dentures. Most people who use dentures have difficulty talking with others because it can feel as though something is blocking their mouth. Additionally, as nobody likes their dentures falling out in public, most denture wearers must remain tight-lipped while out, making for a limited experience.

On the other hand, as dental implants are rooted directly in your gum, these problems do not exist. In most cases, you should not feel any difference in how you speak compared to before, allowing you to talk confidently. Remember, implants mimic your natural teeth. This imitation means that you should be able to carry on with all your daily activities without much hassle.

The Success Rate is Very High

With studies showing as high as a 98% success rate when installing implants, there is little chance of anything going wrong while undergoing the procedure. In most cases, implants may only fail if you have poor oral hygiene or external factors, such as diabetes or smoking. On the other hand, if you maintain good hygiene by brushing every day and using floss and mouthwash, you should not expect any issues with your device.

Before installing your dental implant, we recommend visiting our practice for a consultation. In this inspection process, we can perform a checkup of your teeth and the area where you want to install the device. This examination will also allow us to provide accurate information about how implants will affect you and all factors you should consider before installation.

High Biocompatibility

While durability is one of the core reasons that make titanium an excellent choice for implants, the metal also stands out for another feature; biocompatibility. Essentially, titanium is outstanding at fusing with human bones, with little chance of the body ever rejecting the metal. So, there is little reason to be worried about having titanium in your mouth, as the process is tremendously safe.

Additionally, because this metal is excellent at bone fusion, there is little need for using adhesive during the procedure. Instead, the metal simply has to be inserted into the mouth, and it will bond with the bone within a few months. This natural attachment means that a dental implant should provide at least the same level of strength as a natural tooth would.

Dental Implants: An Incredible Solution

Dental implants have quickly become the best answer to one of the most painful questions for several years, tooth loss. With this solution, you can grab all the benefits of having a powerful replacement tooth that does not decay and is easy to look after. Did you know any of these facts? If you’re eager to learn more about how dental implants can transform your smile, don’t hesitate to contact CD Dental Care, North York, ON. Our practice has extensive experience installing implants and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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