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The Myobrace is an innovative preventive orthodontic treatment that addresses the root causes of crooked teeth in children. The Myobrace system comprises a series of devices that are worn inside the mouth for a short time during the day, and also overnight while sleeping. It is designed to correct orthodontic problems without the need for braces or tooth extraction. It instills good oral habits in children when they are still relatively young, promotes proper jaw alignment, straightens the teeth, and improves a number of other aspects connected to oral health including breathing and swallowing.

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FAQ About Myobrace

What is preventive orthodontic treatment?

The Myobrace is intended as a preventive orthodontic treatment, which means when used properly it will correct a variety of orthodontic issues before traditional orthodontic treatments such as braces are necessary. Because children must wait until all of their permanent teeth come in before being fitted for braces, many times they have suffer from misalignment that has already caused irreparable damage that the braces won’t be able to fix. Rather than straightening the teeth after they’ve already grown in crooked, the Myobrace works to prevent the factors that lead to crooked teeth and jaw misalignment before the damage is done.

How does the Myobrace work?

The Myobrace treatment consists of a series of different intra-oral devices that are worn by the patient that each serve a different function. Patients wear the Myobrace devices for approximately 1-2 waking hours as well as overnight. These devices counteract poor oral habits which are often evident before the permanent teeth have emerged, and lay the foundation for proper oral health and teeth alignment in the future. The first device teaches children to breath through the nose and rest their tongue correctly on the palate. Another widens the jaw to allow for proper arch development, creating sufficient space for the permanent teeth grow in. A third device aligns the permanent teeth correctly once they begin to erupt. Finally, the last stage of the Myobrace treatment works to maintain proper alignment without the need for a permanent retainer.

How will the Myobrace impact my child’s oral health?

The Myobrace treatment can help ensure that your child’s teeth grow in straight without ever needing to use braces. In addition, it can improve overall facial development and encourage children to practice proper breathing habits for the future.

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