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What is the cost of dental implants in Toronto?

October 3rd, 2021

‏Dental implants are fake teeth that are surgically placed into your jaw bone to replace missing or damaged teeth. They look and feel like real teeth, giving the person a fresh and natural smile after the procedure. There are three parts to a dental implant. There is the screw, which is surgically placed into the jaw. Then, there is the post that the fake tooth is attached to, which is placed upon the screw. Finally, there is the crown of the implant that is permanently secured to the post in the mouth. According to the Canadian Dental Association‏, dental implants in Canada are, “made of titanium metal inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of the natural tooth.” To get dental implants, you must first visit a dentist to get a full evaluation and see if you are a good fit for the procedure. But you may be wondering, What is the cost of dental implants in Toronto?

‏Frankly, there isn’t one straight answer. There are many reasons why you may need dental implants, and the cost depends highly on how complicated your procedure will be, where you live, and the dentist you are going to.‏

What Are The Cost Factors?

‏Depending on where you live, the procedure for dental implants could be significantly cheaper than on the other side of the country. “This inconsistency in price point depends on the wealth of the province, on population, on the number of the competition, on popularity”, according to ‏‏Group Enroll‏, an insurance group located in Ontario. They provide insurance for many Canadians, including dental insurance (Perhaps for teeth whitening as well).‏

‏The prices for dental implants can vary from Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, and more populated areas tend to have cheaper prices, Group Enroll stated. Prices can be driven by demand as well. If you have an area with a high population, but low demand for the procedure, it can be significantly more expensive in that area. You may consider going to another province to have the evaluation and surgery done somewhere cheaper if your area is at the high end of the cost spectrum. Maybe not as high as Invisalign but can be.‏

‏Another hindrance to the process is if the dentists in your area are qualified to do the procedure. Not all dentists have the training to complete the surgery, so finding a well-qualified and medically certified dentist may also prove a challenge.‏

‏Prices may also differ from dentist to dentist. Group Enroll stated that “Choosing a private professional over one in your local medical facility or a referred doctor by your insurance plan might be more costly”. These differences may also cause the price for the dental implant procedure to be more costly than others. Insurance coverage is also something to consider when considering the procedure. In Canada, dental implant procedures are listed as experimental and cosmetic procedures and are often not covered by insurance plans.

‏Alden Hui wrote a simple article listing the steps and potential costs of dental implants, which is listed on the Olympia Benefits Inc. blog website. Olympia Benefits Inc. is an insurance agency that provides small businesses with benefits plans for their employees. On their website, Hui listed a few ways to help fund your dental implant procedure. He mentioned two options, one for a small business, and one for individuals. One way a small business could fund the procedure is to use their Health Spending Account, or HSA. Those who have an HSA can receive a discount by using their plan. If someone is not a small business owner, Hui also stated that you can use the Medical Expense Tax Credit, which is applied via your non-corporate tax return at the end of the year. More information regarding medical tax credits and HSA accounts can be found at the CRA website.

‏So What Does It Cost?

‏Just like the procedure, getting an estimate can be quite complicated. One of the few ways to accurately receive a quote on the procedure is to schedule an appointment with your Toronto dentist. Scheduling an appointment with your local provider can provide you with a lot of information. Not only can the dentist give you an evaluation of your overall mouth health, but they can also tell you how complicated your procedure may be. ‏

‏Some of the reasons that people get implants are to replace broken or missing teeth or are helping to preserve the natural bone structure in the jaw. For someone who may have lost their teeth in an accident, an overall lack of oral health, or even substance abuse, dental implants can be a helpful way to restore confidence and health to a person’s smile. A few factors that contribute to a person’s eligibility and cost include the health of their jaw bone, how many teeth are being replaced, and where within their mouth the implants need to be placed. ‏

‏There are two common types of implant procedures. One is called a periosteal procedure. In this surgery, the implants are placed under the gums. Periosteal is a less invasive procedure and may take less time. The other type of procedure is called an endosteal procedure. This surgery is when the dentist will drill holes into the jaw of the patient.

‏In summary, getting a quote for a dental implant surgery can be complicated. The best way to receive an accurate evaluation and consultation is to get an appointment and talk to a professional. The overall cost of implants depends on where someone lives, the dentist offices in their area, and even the type of surgery someone is eligible for. Luckily, Toronto provides some great resources for funding your dental surgery, since insurance often does not cover the procedure. Dental implants may be right for you, so schedule an appointment with your Toronto dentist and see if you qualify. ‏

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