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A Breakdown of Denturists

Denturists are specialists who make dentures for people who are missing some or possibly all of their teeth. Denturists are available to patients throughout the entirety of the denture-making process, from the initial consultation, to taking impressions of the mouth and actually fabricating a set of dentures, to fitting and post-denture care. Most dentists also provide denture services to their patients, but in some cases a patient may be referred to a denture specialist by their regular dentist, or choose to see a denturist for a variety of reasons. Call the team at CD Dental Care to see if dentures are right for you.

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FAQ About Denturists

Why should I choose to see a denturist instead of a dentist?

Denturists receive extensive specialized training in denture practices, and they are involved in every aspect of the process, including the laboratory work involved in fabricating a set of dentures. Regular dentists do assist patients when dentures are recommended, but they typically have to outsource many of the functions to a third-party specialist. By consulting with a denturist recommended by your dentist, you can deal directly with the person who will be responsible for every phase of creating your dentures. Denturists are regulated at the state level, and typically must have hundreds of hours or more of supervised clinical practice in order to see patients.

Is the cost for seeing a denturist different from the regular dentist?

Our office works with a denturist who provides free consultations for patients who need denture services. The cost of the dentures ultimately depends on many different factors and will vary depending upon the needs of the specific patient. Following your consultation, the denturist will take impressions of your gums and any remaining teeth if applicable. These impressions are used to create a customized set of dentures, which the denturist will check for optimal fit and comfort for the patient.

Once I have dentures, do I only need to see a denturist?

Seeing a denturist is not a substitute for a regular dental checkup. Even if you are missing all your teeth, proper oral health is vital and can only be maintained through regular visits to your dentist. There are many things beyond the teeth that dentists check for when evaluating a patient’s oral health, including serious issues such as gum disease and nerve damage. Once your dentures have been completed, it’s crucial that you maintain a schedule of regular dental checkups with your dentist to safeguard your oral health.

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